The One Question you should always ask before planning an event


Have you ever been sitting there in the middle of a project and thought, why am I even doing this? It’s not a good feeling.

If I could give you any advice I have learned working events over the years, it is this: get your priorities straight.

I have seen a lot of small businesses struggling through a packed out event calendar with workshops and vendor markets only to feel like they are on a hamster wheel that might never stop. I am here to tell you, that’s not the best way. We all get caught up in the grind, the do more to get more mentality and it can leave us feeling tired and confused. Like, was this even worth it?

Before you say yes to the next idea, stopping to answer one question can get you on the path to more productive events and better use of your time.

Just ask yourself, why? Why do you want to do it?

Finding your why will give you all sorts of answers to questions you might not have thought to ask and will help you define what success will look like for that event. Are you hoping to gain brand awareness, do you want to meet other people in your industry, do you need to sell a product, are you hoping to bring on new clients?

There is no wrong answer BUT, if you own a business, you obviously have goals right? Even if they are just in your head, you have a vision for what you’re building. Does that why fit into those goals? does the opportunity you’re considering make it possible to actually successfully fulfill your why? Are you doing it to build your brand, or just because someone else did something similar?

The great thing is finding these answers at the beginning can give you direction on where to go next. Maybe it’s reconfiguring the idea or bringing on a partner to help you. Maybe it’s finding another opportunity that fits closer in line with your goals. Maybe you had an amazing idea and it’s going to be awesome!

No matter the size or scale of event you are hoping to put together, before you get caught up in the planning details, know your why!

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