Inspiration from the Interwebs: March 2018

Yikes.... It's been a minuet for me on this little series! It's been a wild few months and blogging kind of went out the window, but that doesn't mean I didn't spend my fair share of time poking around on the internet. So, I'm back and the same as ever..Here are a few things that caught my eye in March! What have you guys been inspired by? 


1.  I am a big fan of the story behind the things we own and I have always loved Emily Spivak's Worn Stories because of that. I was recently able to see her speak on her newest book Worn in New York here in Columbus and it just solidified my respect for her! If you are interested in people's personal histories, you should definitely check it out! 

2. Lego is going plant based! Which I think is really cool. What I think is event cooler is that they are starting production of their eco friendly line with all their botanical elements. 

3. As an avid runner and lover of crazy collaborations, these sneakers hit all the right points for me!

4. I am guilty of being a DIYer to a fault, meaning I refuse to buy things I think I could make myself (I am working on it). I have appreciated these ladies for their similar sentiment, but I was really knocked off my socks by this VERY CHEAP air plant stand. 

5. I am inspired by the ladies at Oh Happy Day pretty much always, but these paper goods are just well too good!