Inspiration from the Interwebs - March 2017

I never know how to feel about the month of March. For me it's the month of the most in between  - not quite spring like and not at all the white cover of winter here in Ohio. March always seems like a month long anticipation as I wait (not so) patiently for the flowers to start blooming and trees to start budding. I love that creatives start to mull over ideas that use flowers or get us outside but, this month there were a lot of ideas I came across that I had to tell myself not quite yet (see #5 here). But I'm coming for you spring! Below are some of my favorites things I stumbled upon in March - and some old time favorites not so hidden in the texts. See you here again when we are in the middle of spring showers! 

1. Balloon poetry/Public Art that mixes two of my favorite things - the creative whimsy of Oh Happy Day and my favorite local poet Amy Turn Sharp!

2. This creative shirt idea that would also be great for my dream of replicating AH! Real Monsters for Halloween - only 7 more months!

3. Somehow these 90s Tacobells hit a perfect trifecta for me: Nostalgia, Rarity and Millennial Pink

4. Totally bomb & free! font that I just want to use for everything. 

5. This Iphone case tutorial that has me like - "CAN THE SPRING FLOWERS GROW FAST ENOUGH PUH-LEEEZE!" 

Inspirations from the Interwebs - January 2017

The internet is full of incredibly cool things, but honestly it can get a little hectic at times. No matter how hard I try to keep up on it, sometimes I can get a little lost! Do ya feel me? So I wanted to start a mini curated list of some of my favorite things from the interwebs each month. Things I want to try, stories I want to remember and inspiration to keep me inspired. It's like a mini pinterest board, but it gives me an excuse to use photoshop. So here is the first installment - January 2017. For as wild of a ride as this month has been, here's a bit of a positive look back. 

1. These fun printable tea bag holders

2. This inspiration to take the leap (and free printable)

3. Seriously genius "marquee" sign

4. Collection of stories of ladies in the kitchen (in a totally rad way)

5. This artist's commitment to the cause