Spring Cleaning Playlist

I am known to be chronic re-organizer in my house. I love to take everything out (clothes, craft supplies, food from the pantry) and am pretty convinced that I can find more things we don't need and a better way to store what we do. The biggest problem with this habit of mine is that I am really very good at the taking out part, I just often lose steam during the putting back part. I like to pretend the slow nature of putting things back over the course of days is crucial part of the process, but mostly it's because I just get bored. The cure to this problem for me is a good cleaning playlist. In my opinion every cleaning playlist needs be balanced with mellow beats and have room for plenty of spontaneous dance breaks, which are the key to stopping the boredom from setting in! So if you're in need of a little decluttering - I thought I would gift you my current cleaning jams, Enjoy!