Leanne was amazing to work with! She eased my mind about all my wedding details the first time we met! She helped make my vision come to life! I would highly recommend her for your wedding!

Ellen + Alex

August 2017

"Leanne was a joy to work with! She is very professional and is very intuitive. She was able to get a perfect vision for my wedding flowers, and I could not have been more pleased! Her coordination skills are also amazing. She is very organized, and took a lot off my plate. I don't know what I would have done without her! "

Meg + Evan

July 2017

Erin + Zach

October 2016

"Leanne was AWESOME! I went back and forth deciding if I needed help with my reception and I decided to get help. Leanne was organized and knew exactly what she was doing. She was also very calm and that helped me relax and put my full trust in her. She set up the reception space and kept people organized as they filed in and then kept all the desserts stocked and the venue cleaned up as the night went on. I can't recommend her enough! "

Chelsea + Bobby

October 2015

Leanne coordinated our wedding reception and we couldn't have been more thankful! She allowed us to truly our enjoy our evening by keeping everything moving with vendors and guests. She was fantastic and organized!