Events are more than just a time and a place, they can create moments for us to share in real life together. Good events help to build real connections and lasting memories. In a world where it is increasingly easy to communicate without being in the same room, I think it makes these times all the sweeter. 

How Did you Get Your Start Event PLanning Professionally? 

The truth is I kind of fell into it when I was in college. Through a series of internships and part time jobs I found myself in an event planning role where I really excelled. After graduating and working a few jobs that weren't a very good fit, I realized event planning combined a lot of my natural skills and creative capacities that I wanted to grow in. I volunteered my time and jumped at any opportunity I could to gain experience before I was able to get my first "real" job in the field. I strongly recommend volunteering your time to work alongside people you want to learn from to anyone who is looking to break into the events field. 



Learning how to celebrate in a world full of worry is hard! For me, detail management is a way to help clear the distractions and allow others to focus on what matters to them. Joy Enthusiasm is really about navigating life in a way that builds people up, not breaks them down. 

Can I ask you a few more questions? 

I am always happy to help, but I can't promise the quickest response rate all the time! If you are flexible and patient I am glad to grab some coffee or answer a few e-mails. If you are looking for event consultation or planning help, see my Let's Work Together page.