Putting Pen to Paper (figuratively)

If you live on the internet at all, I am sure you have heard that Netflix is about to reboot a beloved classic of my generation, Gilmore Girls, this November. No matter if you love them, hate them or hadn't heard of them until recently you cannot deny the craze. It has been a joy to reminisce with newer friends, who were equally obsessed with the show. I just finished rewatching the series and it's funny, I never realized how much it had affected my young little mind until now. 

Anyone who has seen a single episode or clip has undoubtedly witness the shear force that is Lorelai Gilmore. Along with so many girls in my generation, I grew up wanting to be her. She made her own path! She defied adversity! She's smart! Successful! and Drinks LOTS of Coffee! Obviously, with some perspective, I now realize the woman had just as many issues as the rest of us. She was not supposed to be Super Woman, but I really think I saw her that way. I think her toughness really got me. She seemed so tough, like she could make anything happen.

There is a scene (featured below) in one of the later episodes where Lorelai is describing why she cannot write a letter - because her 'mind is a scary place' . Basically she is scatter brained and it's hard for her to follow one train of thought. This really resonated with me. Although the inside of my brain is nowhere near as funny, it's just about as messy when I let it run wild! That's why I think I like making task lists and why I think something like blogging scares me so much. I am really mostly afraid I won't be able to get a clear or concise thought out. Fear tells me if I don't think I can then why even bother to try. In an effort to not let fear drive (and taking the always thoughtful Rory's advice) I am (figuratively) putting pen to paper and letting it roll. By continuing to blog and give myself freedom to publish unperfected but honest work - blog posts and likewise - I really feel like I am getting my creative footing. Letting go of my inner critic and crazy brain and just getting something out there. You can watch the clip below (honestly I have just watched it like 10 times in a row).