Editorial Styling - Creating a Feeling

There is something so fulfilling about taking a really specific but abstract idea and turning it into a capturable moment. That's what really drew me into editorial styling. At first it seems like a far jump from event planning but in the end the are very similar. It is all about creating a feeling. When I meet with event clients, the first priority is knowing what their end goal is. Is it to excite, inform, celebrate, memorialize? And event planning is all about creating a space to help them meet that goal in a way that represents them. Editorial Styling for me is the same way, finding the overall message you want to relate and then finding a way to creatively address that message so that it represents the brand behind that message. 

I have been fortunate enough to work with Balm Skincare for a while now, helping them create some campaigns to show off the uniqueness and intention behind their brand. One of my recent favorites was their campaign to kick off 2018, Raw. Balm is all about a leading a Raw lifestyle in so many ways. Both by being a raw, real person who can be vulnerable and talk about real issues AND incorporating pure raw products and foods into your lifestyle. Balm fits one piece of this lifestyle because their products are made from pure raw ingredients. 

Working with the Balm team and Ali from Aletheia Patrick Photography, we decided on a moody feeling that focused on intention and getting back to nature. I was so pleased with the way this shoot came out - I hope you can see the Raw-ness! Check out the gallery of below and learn more about Balm here

A Very Hoppy Styled Shoot!

Photo by Karli Moore Photography 

Photo by Karli Moore Photography 

Recently I had the honor of helping a brand new venue here in central Ohio with a styled shoot to show off their space! Attached to a brewery, beer was the star of the show (besides the bride of course). It was a blast, complete with a fake wedding and all. As a former event coordinator for a venue and lover of all things logistics, it was a dream. We were able to dream up ways people could celebrate so many special moments in their space! 

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